The strength of TECNEMA arises from the teamwork of its technicians who are competent in different complementary fields. The deep knowledge of materials and manufacturing technologies, besides of advanced design strategies, allows TECNEMA to develop a design completely from the concept to the execution, from the structural analysis to the test on prototypes, from the idea to the start of the mass production, from the drafting of the technical specifications to the assembly, helping the Customer along the path which leads him to concretize his ideas.
TECNEMA is a versatile and dynamic firm, able to manage and to do different activities, which should otherwise be entrusted to a variety of interlocutors.

Tecnema - via T. di Gualtiero, 54 - 47896 Faetano R.S.M.- tel. (+378) 0549/950115 - fax (+378) 0549/996490