In projects concerning niche fields, TECNEMA can offer:
1] technical support to the Customer’s technical department, in the feasibility study and/or during the design, supplying a service with different levels of integration, determined by the Customer, which can range from a “constructive critical” advice about several aspects, e. g. technological feasibility, to the autonomous development of the project until the technological flow chart definition;
2] support to the search of suppliers, workshops and assemblers;
3] management or co-ordination of the manufacturing network, involved in the project, setting the Customer’s technical department free from the usual technical support to the workshops;
4] “cost control” service, under the supervision of the Customer, during the manufacturing;
5] management or co-ordination of the assembling of mechanical units or machines;
6] reporting on progress of the project from the feasibility study to manufacturing until the assembling;
7] technical support to the Customer during the structural and/or functional tests of the prototypes and the consequent revision of the design after their tuning;
8] carrying out of the listed services at the Headquarters or at the Customer’s Site.

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